Saturday, June 16, 2018

How to model a Marble Machine with Curves in Blender video

I like how the videos this week chained together. Not all of them, but did you notice how in Good Overhangs I mentioned a technique that could be used to print the Guala Gadgets 3D Printed Marble Machines. I then talked about the filament used to print the marble machines and how they're using the Master Spool, and then this video, on how to make marble machines. If I were cleverer, and with a little bit of planning, I could have strung them all into one TV length episode. Hopefully, the chance to do this is what I'll be kickstarting.

I realize I'm a version behind in Blender. Version 2.8 is looking good. It's not because of the changes to the UI that I'm holding off updating. I don't mind a little retraining. The part I'm worried about is that the sculpt tools are apparently broken, so I'm waiting until I hear that those are fixed. If they're fixed, lemme know so I can upgrade.

The production of this video was as much as one-shot with editing on the fly as I've ever done since I got the ability to do it. I did do some editing out of long pauses and hems-and-haws to keep things flowing, but besides that, the intro and switching to Blender was all done in real time. After the kickstarter, I may not be doing that sort of video again, because, if things go well... I almost hate to say it. I'd like to earmark part of my kickstarter funds to hiring an editor. I really want to take pride in my videos going forward, and I feel like that's an important step. And hopefully that will result in a boost to the channel that will bring in more revenue that I can use to continue to pay an editor.

Hey, a guy can dream, can't he?

I'm taking tomorrow off from the videos, and I'll be back on Monday, possibly a little later, with a video about the M3D micro.

Friday, June 15, 2018

I spent $200 at Shapeways, and check out what I got video

As I said, I've been in 3D printing for a while, and I've only occasionally taken advantage of Shapeways. But I have always seen value in it. And I've also seen a handful of thing that I kinda wanted.

I feel like in this video I only really had time to skip across the surface of each object, and nto really able to do the deep dive into each of them. I could have bought just one big thing, I suppose, but I really wanted to give you a sense of the variety and value, that Shapeways has to offer.

I do have a little left that I'm holding on to so I can buy a fancy set of low poly dinos when the kickstarter ends.

One thing I didn't touch on in the video is the question of Shapeways' value as a marketplace for designers. That is to say, if you're trying to sell 3D models on Shapeways, hows that work out for you. And the answer is... complicated. See, designers can set their own price for thing, meaning that the price you pay is one part Shapeway's manufacturing prices, and one part your markup. You can control that markup, which means if you set it too high no one will buy your stuff, but if you set it too low you might as well not even do it. How do you find the sweet spot? How do you drive traffic to your designs? Is it possible to make a decent side business or maybe even a living on Shapeways? It all depends on how much work you want to put into it, how creative you're willing to be, and finding something that people actually want to buy. It's not impossible, but there may be easier ways to make a living.

Concerning the Modibot, let me refer you to the post I made on my old blog, way back in 2013, so I don't have to repeat myself. Also, here's a follow up post when I experimented with hope printing some early ones. In fact one of my earliest videos was my attempt at making early versions of this model work with HIPS for supports. Me and Modibot go way back.

Here are the items I got from the Shapeways marketplace:

Thursday, June 14, 2018

3D Printed Egg Holder Video

I don't know what came over me. As soon as I decided I needed to do egg puns in this one they just kept rolling.

This 8 minute video took me 4 hours to film. First I tried using my phone for the audio and asides. The audio was okay, but recording that long of a video on my phone resulted in massive video desync, and in the end I had to throw that take out and start all over.

Then I recorded it with the one camera, planning on moving it for the different shots, and got halfway through before I realized I didn't hit record at the start.

Then I got the shot that made it into the final. And, yes, I cut off my hair. And yes, you can see the recording software in the shot a couple of times. But in the end this was the one take that had it all together, and it was past midnight, I was not going to do another. How will supporting me on the kickstarter help prevent this sort of thing in the future? Well, my plan is to get a dedicated recording setup where the cameras are already setup so that I'm properly framed at all times. But I can only do that with a dedicated recording space, and I can only do that with your help.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Downside of the Master Spool Video

So, do you remember the movie "Pay it Forward"? Remember how everyone who described the idea of paying it forward insisted that it was their own idea? That was to illustrate how good an idea it was. The same thing is happening with the Master Spool.

I feel I do sometimes come across as the guy who's looking for the downside to everything. Like if there's something to complain about, I'm the guy who will find it. While I am trying to be more positive, I have to admit, the first place I heard about the potential problems was the 3D Printing Today podcast. And hearing them curmudgeon all over the master spool in a recent episode, then opening this spool and having it be everything that they said could go wrong, I might have started to get a bit worried. But I hope I turned this around to a positive in the end, because I really do want the master spool initiative to succeed.

The plan was for these videos to be quick shot, minimal edit so I could get more of them out quicky, but I am in the end, not willing to compromise my production quality that much and these videos are taking nearly as long to make as my other ones. Basically, I'm working my butt off this week.

Low poly dinos. A week and a day to get on the mailing list for that exclusive reward.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Gualala Gadget Marble Machines

Go to, click "Print a 3D model", and print out their marble maze. Scale it up 2x and use glass marbles if you have to. You will not be disappointed.

The marble machines that I saw Gualala Gadget showing off at BAMF2018 were amazing. They had the Sisyphus, which used hidden magnets to make the marble seemingly impossibly climb the ramp, then a stop at the top so it would slip down to the bottom, where it would get caught again by the magnets. They had one where a screw gear up the middle drove balls to ramps in all directions, and then they had one where the screw gear was stationary and the maze rotated around it. It blew me away.I really hope to develop a relationship with these people and help bring you more and cooler mazes in the future, because I love the work they're doing.

In making the large screw, I took it to the Makerspace to print on the RaiseN2+. Unfortunately when coming home I left it in the car, in the sun, while I ran some errands, and it got a bit warped. I ended up having to warm it over the stove so I could straighten it back out enough to use, while, hopefully, not ruining it. You can see in the video a little bit of wiggle that was introduced because of this, but I managed to get it to work.

Oh, and low poly dinos are still a thing. I need to get that more hyped. But these marble mazes are just so distracting.

Monday, June 11, 2018

3D Printing Tip - How to improve your overhangs

Short video, I know, but hopefully it helps someone. The original plan was to make the videos this week very quick ones, minimal editing. But I just couldn't help but include an animated illustration in this one. I hope that's a good sign for my future endeavors.

The next 3 or 4 videos will follow from prompts in this one, chaining them together in a way that I wish I could keep going with, but alas, I can only stretch so far. This time. Maybe in the future I can make more connected videos.Hopefully you'll see the connection as you watch.
This marks the beginning of the run up to the Low Poly Dino Kickstarter. We're in the final stages of the countdown, so be sure to hit up that mailing list and get stoked.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Who are the people in your makerspace - Jonah and Gabe video

Consider this a bonus from the Startt review. And, yeah, I know, I didn't put nearly the effort into this one that I put into the other. No fake interview angle changes to motivate the bad sound. Heck, almost no editing at all except to trim the video, which I did in the camera. Maybe not the greatest way to kick off a new series, but hopefully it'll get better.

It can't get any worse, can it?

On Monday starts the 10 day countdown for the Low Poly Dinos kickstarter. Hopefully I can manage a flurry of updates to really drum up the interst. I'll be doing a bunch of quick videos about a variety of 3D printing topics including a long overdue return to tips, tricks, and tutorials. All I can say is "Finally".