Friday, July 20, 2018

30 dinos in 30 days video

Edit: Oh my gosh, the sound effect for the first animations got shifted and occurs in the middle of my talking! Can I not get this right? Screw it, we're going live, I can't delay this ANOTHER hour. The kickstarter is going crazy and I need to tend to it.

I hope you're not sick of #lowpolydinos yet. Though, if you are, I guess this is the light at the end of the tunnel. At the time of publishing the kickstarter is less than a day away from being done. Technically, the kickstarter only ran for 29 days. And technically we're over 30 dinos, though some of the models aren't dinos, so if you count that... it's crazy how many models we've got going on here.

Last Night's live stream is still processing, so that will be up, maybe after the KS ends. But a good time was had, and 1.5 dinos were modeled.
Aside from Scott Wilkensen's Excellent Time-Lapse turned animations, there have been a number of Low Poly Dinos turning up in the wild. Many on Twitter, some on YouTube (including an entirely too generous KS assessment by Calvin Witt, thanks buddy). But perhaps the most exciting of these was Joel Telling's mirthful video featuring the low poly dinos getting mad melted. If you haven't seen it, you should totally check it out.

I could go on about how awe inspiring this has been, seeing how people react to their favorite dino in the pack. I could talk about my plans after the KS ends. I could mention what I want to do eventually with the channel. But all these are topics that will be covered later. Right now, I've got some work to do, thanks to reaching a new stretch goal overnight. So as soon as I finish this up I've got a new survey to write, a post to make on the kickstarter, and more dinos to model.

I better get on that.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Why Bad 3D Prints can make Great Gifts video

I am having a hard time coming up with anything to say about this topic beyond what was said in the video. So... uh... go check out the video!

The kickstarter is going well. If you haven't been keeping up, you should know:

If you haven't backed the kickstarter, we are currently sitting on a ton of 3D models for $25. This is a fantastic deal that will never be experienced again, so jump in now!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Makerspace Challenge #2 - Flight Video

Meanwhile in the makerspace, it's a bit late for a monthly challenge, so we're just going to call this a second challenge, and the second challenge is is make something fly.

GranddadIsAnOldMan is a great maker with lousy video production quality. His videos hardly get any views, perhaps because he uploads too many of them. But that's what it's about. It's about documenting his inspiring project to turn junk into something awesome. He's great for playing around on for a few hours and getting mega inspired. I'm a fan of his work and I've been looking for an excuse to feature him on my main channel.

If I ever make a big time TV show out of making, I would love if he were to my channel what Biz Markie is to Yo Gabba Gabba. That guy who shows up, does a thing, everyone goes "Who the heck is he?" and the show goes on without caring.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

LowPoly Dino Coloring Pages video

These coloring pages have been a lot of fun to make, and it didn't take a lot of effort or time away from the Low Poly Dino Kickstarter to make them. Which is good because the Kickstarter is going great and every time I turn around we've reached another stretch goal and I have another dino to model and test print.

For the record, I love it.

One thing I didn't do with these coloring pages is attempt to keep the timelines clear of each other. So there's more than a chance that I've got Triassic creatures mingling with Precambrian. But, just assume it's the result of some unnatural interference by man, and call it good.

Of course, if I decided to spend a little more time, I feel like a whole lowpoly dino playset wouldn't be impossible. Biomes that snap together; jungle, forest, volcano, desert, river, ocean, fenced enclosure, primitive settlement, etc, etc, etc. Or make something self enclosed, like the old Might Max or Polly Pocket toys, with mini-size dinos running around.

That's the excitement of this project. It opens up the imagination. But that's also the danger. It'll never be finished if I keep going like this. And as much as I love these dinos, and I do, I don't want this to be the last thing I ever work on.

Then again, if it could do gangbusters for my career like this every month, I'd be willing to consider it.

Guess what? I'm hiding two more coloring pages in this blog post! Enjoy:

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Low Poly Dinos on the Adafruit Live Stream

35:41 in the video above, Noe and Pedro Ruiz show off the dual colored low poly model that they printed and give a shout out to the Low Poly Dino kickstarter as well. (Thanks guys!) And in just a few hours I'll be popping into the Adafruit show-and-tell livestream to show off more dinos. So I hope you'll join me on their channel a 7:30pm ET. See you there

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Low Poly Dino Modeling Live Stream - Elaphrosaurus Video

I thought this video was lost. After the stream, for some reason, YouTube never posted the whole video.

However, there was something strange about the stream at the time. Right at the end as I was signing off I noticed that the "Start Recording" button on OBS said "Stop Recording", meaning I had been recording the stream locally. I hadn't wanted to do that because I didn't want to overtax my computer. What with the 3D modeling and streaming, I figured trying to record too would cause shudders and problems, and I wanted this to go smoothly. However, there it was recording.

"Well," I thought, "I probably accidentally hit the button at some point midway, so maybe I'll be able to salvage some of the livestream. Maybe I can record an intro for it and put it up later."

Imagine my surprise when I finally did crack open that juicy 614 MB file (Seriously? Compression, man.) to discover that it was in fact all 1 hours and 20 minutes of the live stream!

So in the end, I honestly think the only thing that went wrong was that kickstarter ticker not updating. By putting the chat on the screen and the fortuitous hitting the record button, nothing has been lost of this really fun experience. After this, I may very well be doing streams like this more often.

Be sure to hit the updates on Kickstarter for more information about circumstances surrounding this video.