Saturday, November 4, 2017

The Problem with the CR10 video

CR10 from Gearbest in orange or blue, to match your decor. $368.99 with coupon: GBCRUS
Or buy mine:

The title is admittedly a little click baity. And the video is designed to lead people on, maybe a little. But I hope the resolution is entertaining and you'll forgive my silly spin on the review of a printer everyone's already seen reviewed.

(Picture got turned sideways)
The improved sound (I hope) in this video over my videos lately is thanks to several people. First of all, I owe the commenters that complained that the video was bad. I couldn't hear it (old man ears) but apparently it was bugging people. Further comments and feedback helped me resolve it and suggested alternatives. And finally the support of my Pateron backers that afforded me the upgrade I need. One backer in particular went above and beyond, but desired no recognition for it. And while I won't call them out in a video, I may have given them a little boost in their supporter tile. I also owe James from Print 'N Play for providing me some well timed support at the last minute that helped me get this particular video out. Check out his YouTube channel.

Why am I selling this CR10 if it's so great a printer? Well, not to put too fine a point on it, I have a lot of printers to test and not a lot of room for them. I could give them away, but I interested to see if printer flipping is viable. Most 3D printers require some some significant ramp up, especially if you want the added functionality of a Raspberry pi. So instead of making everyone who wants a 3D printer do it themselves, maybe I can provide that assembly and setup as a service. If I can do this maybe I can start buying back printers kits that people aren't doing anything with and turn them into printers that people can use. I'm hoping for a good win-win situation.

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