Saturday, April 22, 2017

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I made the intro to this video the way that I did for a couple of reasons. First of all, Kevin MacLeod's Fig Leaf Times Two is irresistible. And second, this saved me from having to foley a decent sound track, which I'm not equipped to do. However, for the time I spend making the silent movie/retro computer text cards I maybe should have set up a folly studio. (Though i really like this card and I'm going to use it again.)

Of course the first thing I do with this computer, before I charged the battery, before I put the anti-scratch cover on the screen, is I posed Cymon on it in a sultry pose. I mean, naturally.
To be clear, I am not caught up on the supporter tiles, not by a long shot. And, especially the big ones, they will be featured in future videos on their own as appropriate. Nor is this project done. Honestly, when this his 1000 tiles maybe I'll stop. Hmm, that's a bit lofty. maybe 100.

It's difficult to say "I need your help" and not sound... well, needy. Or pushy. I hope I kept my message positive and struck the right tone. It was not easy to do, I can tell you. While I presented the list in my video as comprehensive, it probably isn't and it definitely may not remain true for very long. I may have other avenues open up in the future and close other ones that aren't benefiting me as much. But for now if you want to support me here's the list:

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