Friday, March 17, 2017

Shoehorning a review into the fund raising

Code for Scholars: N:MPW NTA NCAUPKA

If you'd like to get your own sample pack of filament please use this amazon affiliate link so I get a little credit:

When I found out I was at 50% on gofundme I really wanted to do another video, but having done one two days ago, I didn't feel like turning my channel into a stream of "go go Gofundme Rangers" videos. Fortunately I had a real easy angle to take to change things up. Helio 3D wanted me to try out their filament sample pack, and this project, with a lot of little prints in it, was perfect. So here's a review.

And as I said in the video, Helios 3D is honestly good filament PLA with brilliant colors. They make a little bit more of a big deal about the supposed toxicity of ABS, but for PLA it's good. And getting a sample pack is actually pretty useful in certain situations. It's not for everyone, but maybe it's for you.

A this point this campaign is probably going to have to remain undocumented through the weekend as I have a major life event happening that will take me away from the camera for a while. I hope my absence doesn't slow things down. But again, thank you to everyone who has contributed, shared, or even watched a video in the meanwhile. You all are the wind beneath my wings.

Fun fact, the last 20 seconds of this video required more time to encode than the whole of the rest of the video.

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