Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Modeling my daughter's drawing in 3D video

Print your own Princess Keira here:

Apparently I forgot to report on my 3rd livestream with my daughter. Time to correct that.

It was a fairly successful livestream, as was the printing of the model afterwards. After the stream I discovered something. I wasn't happy with the topology of the sculpted face. I wanted it to be smoother, less facet-y. So I considered doing a retopologizing of it, which is a time consuming process, but yields great results. However, before doing that I decided to do something crazy. I ran a decimate modifier on the face and took it further than I would normally, then added some crease modifiers to the comparatively few edges and subdivision smoothed the decimated face. The result was smooth lines and sharp corners with no errant facets that needed to be cleaned up. It lost a little of the subtle details and wiggly lines of the original, but the result was good.

The thing about these designs is I'm trying, as much as possible, to stick to the design the kids came up with, but I realized that what they drew and what they see in their minds eye are very different. I could have made this very anime, and even though my daughter doesn't know what anime is aside from a few shows on netflix that she's see, that's how this is looking in her mind. Maybe I can follow up this series with making these characters in 3D, not the way they were drawn, but the way they are imagined.

Those rope-hairs are a lot of fun to watch in the slicer as you go up and down layers.

Print your own Princess Keira here:

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