Monday, January 23, 2017

3D printed pompom ring

This silly little project was motivated by a twitter conversation between myself, the 3D Printing Noob, and the 3D Pritning Cheerleading Squad of Lauren Renee and Heather of A Pyro Design. When an offhand conversation goes to production in less than a day, I can't really charge for that one. So when I uploaded it it went to PinShape, naturally, but also Thingiverse. I don't upload as much to Thingiverse these days, but this one seemed perfect.

I find this sort of forced failure model to be gimmicky and I worry that in 5 years they will be an interesting footnote in 3D printing's history. Vase printing as well. However, it wasn't difficult to do, and the result is fun. I sometimes get caught up in my own high-mindedness, and so I think it was good to let it go and do something silly. In fact I'm thinking about making a livestream out off this project later this week.

You can download your own PomPom ring on Pinshape or Thingiverse and print it for yourself.

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