Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Worst news ever.

Update: So this desperate cry for attention apparently worked and they have a backer and now they're not going to disappear. Why do I feel a bit let down? I should be ecstatic about this.

I know I just posted something else here, but this news literally just came to me directly from Pinshape's staff, and this is not the sort of news I can let wait to comment on.

This is devastating to me. Pinshape was my choice. I've tried a lot of repositories and Pinshape was the only one that gave me the editorial control and distribution and licensing options I wanted. I am literally at a loss for an option 2 here. Maybe it's time to buff up my 3dCults account.

But in a bigger question sort of thing... what does this mean for consumer 3D printing, particularly for the semi-talented designers? Pinshape has been at this for 2 years and they were, for all intents, doing everything right. Now they've thrown in the towel. Is there no hope? Or did they not do everything right? Did they expanded too quickly? Maybe if they could have held in for the long haul they could have made it work. Maybe they didn't have the right skill set (though from my interactions with these guys I highly doubt it). Or maybe... maybe the consumer 3D printing market is just not a wise investment right now. And that's killer. That is a bitter pill to swallow. No way do I want to admit that, to myself or anyone else. But, then, Pinshape is bidding us adeau.

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