Thursday, May 7, 2015

Literally reinventing the wheel.

Our dishwasher rack slipped and fel against the heating element melting one of the wheels so my wife suggested I fix this with 3D printing like I've done before. So flexing my manly mouse pushing muscles I loaded up Blender and started modeling, scratching my head about what concessions I would have to make to have it print without supports (like I do) and realizing there'll need to be at least some supports, but I could minimize them.

Then on Google Plus I see someone else 3D printing the exact same wheel I was modeling. "Would you be willing to share the model?" I asked. "I just downloaded them from Thingiverse." came the reply.

See, this is the problem, if there can be said to be a problem, with knowing how to model. Sometimes your brain jumps to the more complicated solution. I was literally reinventing the wheel. If I had bothered to pull up Yeggi and look I'd find a ton for me to sort through to find the right one, but that's still better than doing it myself.

Lesson learned. Maybe. Probably not, actually.

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