Wednesday, April 15, 2015

New video and so much more

I took last week off from reporting and videos, but I wasn't any less busy because of it. Most of my focus right now is printing copies of Wood Wars and working on some art assets and rules, as well as a project mentioned briefly in this week's video that I will tell you more about as it gets closer to completion. But first, this week's video.

I should put this in another post, but I'm just so busy. So I'll just throw this in here. I've also uploaded a new model for you all. My Joenny series I didn't feel had enough meme appeal, so I created the Joenny Pony.
But when I handed it to a friend to paint she thought it was a fox. So it can be a fox.
When I made mine, though, it was an Indian (Native American) styled pony with a yarn mullet.There's an option with a built in tail and an option you can string in your own tail. The Joenny Pony is available for download friggin everywhere.

And now back to Wood Wars and MyTechHigh for me.

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