Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Lords of Waterdeep minis

I have been working on this set for a long time. It's actually been mostly done for a while but until I switched to Simplify3D I couldn't produce the necessary detail. But now I can. 
Know what's tough? Making detailed minis that print at only 1" tall on FFF printers is tough. At that size the details have to be chunky and there's a constant push between my design side wanting to make it look pretty and the limitations of 3d printing.
They look great on the game, though. They really make the game about hiring adventurers and not just shuffling cubes. A little fragile. Some parts could use some reinforcement and redesign if I ever get around to it. But for now they'll do.

The Lords of Waterdeep token replacements are available for download or purchase on pinshape.

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