Thursday, January 22, 2015

Joe's 3D Workbench is live

I've been thinking for a while that I should do this. But the logistics escaped me until I saw an instructable on using an old Android phone add a webcam and I thought, "I have an old Android phone,  I should do this". So I did and now the workbench is live. And by live I mean whenever I print something interesting. You can follow me on Twitter to know when a broadcast is going to happen, but I suspect this will be most interesting to people when I do prints for them.

Besides setting up the phone the challenge of this was building a rig to hold the phone. I iterated every part of this before it worked. It's available on youmagine, but unless you have my specific phone and my specific printer and a set of the bolts, nuts, and washers similar to what I happened to have laying around I don't see anyone making this specific rig. But it works for me. Ah, 3D printing, jury rigging with style.

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