Monday, January 26, 2015

Harry Potter Crests for my Son's School

Last year my eldest son's grade did some Harry Potter themed instruction and I made a wand for him. This year my second son is in the same grade and his idea was to print a Gryffindor crest for his group. I decided to make crests for all the houses to be fair. Fortunately there are excellent crests already made online, so it was just a matter of running them off.

But just a crest? What are they going to do with them? I considered many options but in the end I decided to just make a little desk stand for them. When I was looking for the display stand for my book I was surprised that none of the solutions I found were of a 2 piece style that I seemed to remember existing made out of wood... though a search online hasn't revealed the style I had in mind. But I decided to have a go at it anyways.

Modeling this stand was an exercise in the boolean include modifier. First I modeled the shape of the stand from the side. Then I modeled a 4mm thick sheet, rotated it 20 degrees around the z, moved it over a bit and mirrored it to make the "V" shaped wedge shape, then boolean included it through the stand. Then I made two half cube shapes with joints so they'd join together and boolean included them to make the two halves.

The joints didn't work as well as I hoped. The final design needed to be glued to hold it together. Looking back I don't know why I separated them, they would have printed fine standing up. Of course separated the way they were made me realized it could be redesigned with a hinge in the next version if it ever comes to that, but this works for now.
I've uploaded the two part mini stand on YouMagine.

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