Friday, December 12, 2014

Video - Making it Manifold

So did anyone notice in my last video that I was reading from a script? Obviously not doing that this time. It took all day (literally) to craft that script the way I wanted it. It's almost more time consuming than editing. But I think the result was good. What did you think? Was the last video markedly better than the ones before and after it?

Also, I attempted to move my microphone somewhere that it wouldn't pick up as many vibrations. Instead it picked up my pounding on my keyboard more than I expected and I only just discovered it. So we'll that count as this video's learning experience.

This is a tip video that I kinda didn't want to do. The topic is boring. But it's necessary for a the discussion that follows. So bear with it and I'll try to make something more entertaining next week. (Don't know what, but I'll try.)

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