Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Chris Fink: Fixing Cootie

Spotted on Reddit, Christopher Fink has used his 3D printer to fix the game Cootie.
Cootie isn't the sort of game I'm interested in playing or owning, particularly. Too luck based. But it is a perfect game to be adapted for 3D printing. In fact I think a whole 3D printed version of cootie would be trivial. I found it interesting that Fink apologized for the legs being too blocky because he wasn't experienced enough in OpenSCAD. I've always thought doing organic shapes in OpenSCAD is like eating yogurt with a fork. Sure, you can do it, but you know there's a better way, and it isn't a fork.

Chris Fink's blog in general so far has been all about doing useful things with 3D printing and it's one I'm going to be following.

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