Monday, November 24, 2014

Watch It Played 3D Printing Commentary

So here is Rodney's impression of our joint adventure in distributed manufacturing, and his commentary is spot on. Yes, 3D printing is still a little too expensive, though what Rodney didn't mention I was able to talk the 3d printer in Quebec down because I knew how much it should cost. Yes, 3D printing is very consistent if you design for it, and yes, 3D printing is not quite mature enough for prime time. Yet. And this experience helped me gain that perspective. And I feel like Rodney learned and grew with this experience, too.

But having gained that perspective hasn't convinced me to scale back my efforts and dreams of leveraging 3D printing for fun and profit. In fact if anything this new perspective has shown me the way.

It's exciting to see someone new discover and critically examine 3D printing. And when that someone is someone who's work you admire, wow. And he's sharing 3D printing to a whole new audience, though his comments may not convince someone to jump in today, and that frustrates me a little, but it's consistant with my experience so I can't complain.

At the moment I'm considering replying to his video with a video showing that I'm selling those cases for only $15 and showing how you can get the cost for sourcing your prints down, basically restating my post in video form. But I'm trying to only do 1 video a week so I don't burn myself out and I've already done this week's. Ah well, we'll see.

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