Wednesday, May 14, 2014

You may now call me "Master"

I promise, this is a one time thing. The only time I will post anything on this blog not directly related to making or 3D printing. But I'm bursting with pride here and have to tell everyone.

As of today I have been awarded the degree of "Master of Computer Science" from the Utah State University. This has been a long time in the works and for a while I questioned if I even wanted to put up with the frustration of it, but in the end I powered through and now I am done with this.

And when I say it's been a long time in the works I mean its been 20 years since I wore a silly tasseled hat.
I think I'm going to turn my gown into a Ming the Merciless collared cape and make everyone call me "Master" for a week.

For those interested the text of my Master's paper will soon be up on my (mostly abandoned) other web site, Cymon's Games.

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  1. You could also 3D print a Ming the Merciless ring to go with it.


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