Wednesday, April 2, 2014

An entire chess set in one model... kinda

This one almost slipped right past my browsing of Thingiverse. In fact if it weren't for IDO2014 publishing something else in the same vein that had a more colorful thumbnail I might have missed it forever. But that's what happens when a day of submissions is more than 19 pages.

User IDO2014 has published a chess set that uses only 1 model. The trick is you cancel printing at controlled points to make the various pieces. Does it work? Kinda.
Very kinda. It's a cool concept. Theoretically you could print the whole piece, and if it fails you haven't really failed since as long as you got past the pawn there's a piece that can be salvaged. and stopping it at various points does results in different, complete pieces, thanks to embedded layers with little icons on it to help differentiate the pieces. It's all a little artsy. But like I said, it's a cool concept. I just feel like it could still be improved upon.

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