Monday, March 3, 2014

My Assassin doesn't seem to have survived

That's supposed to be an assissin with a mask on and a dagger sticking out of it's cloak. At 2" tall it kinda looks that way. But at 1" I'm not sure it worked out.
I tried to do a little cloth sim on the cloak, but it ended disastrously. In the end I went with a little mesh editing and a little sculpting.

I'm going to tackle the wizard and maybe I'll come back and do some editing to this piece.


  1. I collect 54mm 1:32-1:35 figures, So I am very interested in your work. seems tough to get the detail you need at the 2.5" size, much less the 1"/28mm scale. I plan to build more terrian and vehicles, rather than figures.

    keep it up!

    1. It's tough to get details whenever you go small, no matter the medium. But I'd love to do these on a Form1 or similar photopolimer printer and see how much detail makes it.

      You should also check out:


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