Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sacrifice a few damsels on my build surface and this appears

Spelunky. I love Spelunky. My kids enjoy Spelunky. My 4 year old son asks for it by name. Well, he calls it "Speedmonkey" but it's basically the same thing. It's a game of exploration, adventure, mastery, risk and reward, and just plain fun.

There's an item in the game called the "Kapala". It's... well it a little bit morbid but it's harmless fun, really. I mean, it's a cartoon, how bad can it be... really.

This Kapala was modeled using mostly Blender's sculpt tools. (I teach how in my book. Just sayin...)

I've also modeled an idol from the same game and printed keychain/charm sized versions that are available in my etsy store.

You can see an album of more images here.

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