Monday, February 17, 2014

Cymon is really real!

I am super excited to show off that Cymon, a character I created years ago as a mascot for my projects, is now a super posable toy with 17 points of articulation suitable to be a mascot for my 3D printed projects now, too. I've made the files available on CGTraider so you can make your own. Be warned, it's a tall one. Of course yours won't have the little LCD screen inside the head unless you can find one that fits. but besides that, totally Cymon.

It took a few passes to get all the parts printed because when printing a full plate there's always one or two pieces that comes unstuck, as well as the usual iterative design process (IE "forgot to scale that part up..).

Now that it's all together I need to do some finishing and then take some pictures suitable for being a mascot for Cymon's Designs.

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