Thursday, February 20, 2014

Clearly a cleric... or bishop

Next in my series of mini humanoid figurines is a bishop or cleric figure. Like the knight this is designed to be printed only 1" tall, but will have more detail shown at 2" tall. I'm actually really surprised how much detail makes it through at 2".
Making this model involved learning cloth simulations (the green part in the image above) which also involved doing animation for the first time. This also involved more post editing to make the mesh solid since cloth simulations don't like solid meshes. Bur really, closing faces doesn't really count as post editing. This will be useful for the sleeves of the wizard.

I forgot to exaggerate the hands on this one so they don't print well and there's a little overhang problem on the bottom skirt. But overall I'm please with this one.

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