Thursday, January 2, 2014

HIPS Experiment #3

Now my final experiment with HIPS, not that I'm done with HIPS, just done with experimenting. Now I know what it's capable of and I can stop experimenting and start doing.

Not 100% satisfied with how the slicing software handles the bottom of spheres. But it worked well enough that the failures in the print came from the print, not from the supports. Plus I got a to make a modibot, which was fun.

Past HIPS experiments:
HIPS Part 1
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  1. I have a replicator 1 with dualstruders. When I get some HIPS I will attempt a similar experiment, except where I will manually design the support myself and merge the stl files together in replicatorg. Good luck to you future experiments.

    1. That was kind of what I did with Experiment #1. But if you'd like something else I have another one you can try:

      Thing is I've recently run into a wrinkle and HIPS... let's just say the HIPS does lie. Or at least it doesn't stick to ABS the way I'd like. I think the dump truck will work because the surfaces are flat, but round surfaces are a bigger problem than anticipated at first. So it looks like there's an experiment #4 coming soon.

  2. Thanks HIPS for your video :) I'm experimenting with hips at the moment but I'm not getting the nicest results (everyone are saying that this stuff is printing as nice as abs? well, not on my printer)
    Did you find hips to glue well to the HPB? to itself? to the ABS?

    Keep making videos!

    Cheers :)

    1. So far Hips sticks well to ABS, but ABS doesn't stick well to HIPS. I've got one more kind of finish up video to do later about my results since this, I just haven't taken the time to make it. But basically HIPS has it's place, but it's not the be-all end-all solution I was hoping for.


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