Friday, December 6, 2013

Welcome to Joe's 3D Workbench

Welcome and thanks for visiting Joe's 3D Workbench. My name is Joe Larson. I am author of the beginner's introduction to 3D design using Blender, 3D Printing Blueprints, as well as the designer of a growing library of over 100 objects on Thingiverse and Ponoko. When I won a 3D printer from the Makerbot/Tinkercad Chess challenge I started a the Joe's Makerbot blog to share my excitement. Now my adventures are branching out as I become a designer, author, and entrepreneur, and it's time my blog be about more than just a 3D printer, though the technology that I'm using will always be a major part of it.

I hope that you'll subscribe and share this blog with your friends, follow 3D Printing Blueprints on Facebook (where I will be mirroring the posts on this blog) and enjoy joining me on an adventure at my 3D Workbench.

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