Saturday, December 7, 2013

New Dice Tower, Version 1

Dice towers are cool things that help you roll dice fairly. If you play a lot of board games with children or are just concerned that you're playing with someone evilly talented dice towers are great. I've made them out of pringles cans, and printed a few for my immediate family. After printing kid_entropy's design on Thingiverse I immediately wanted something like this, but more. I wanted some texture and a place to catch the dice when they rolled out. So this Thanksgiving holiday, and thanks to a relative who wanted to buy a prototype for me, I spent some time to make the dice tower I always wanted. The result is before you.

This design took 16 hours to print and about 8 hours of design time to get right. Its functional and looks good, but the area for catching the dice is too small for more than 1, maybe 2 dice at a time, no good if you're going to play Dungeon Roll. So version 2 is going to have a much bigger gate. I've finished the design on that new version. The gate looks almost cartoonish, but it's functional so I'm going to stick with it. Besides, cartoonish is kinda my thing. I'll be printing version 2 early next week.

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