Monday, December 30, 2013

If at first you don't succeed... iterate

I need a place to store business cards that I get from people. Not that I get a lot of business cards from people, but I have some, and the ones I want to keep don't have a home. So I downloaded a card holder (long ago, no idea where I got it) and printed it out. Of course once I had it printed and tried putting a card in it... it was too narrow to put them in sideways, and too wide to put them in longways.

So I opened up Blender, to fix the size issues. That took only a second. Then I made some more modifications so it would use less plastic. That took maybe a minute. Then, since Blender was already open, I went to Thingiverse, downloaded some Chinese Lion statues and slapped them on (using techniques I teach in my book). That took considerably longer. But what I ended up with was pretty cool.
The walls are a little too thin. I've fixed the one I uploaded to thingiverse. But overall I have something usable and a good place to store business cards now. Can't wait to fill it up.

If you'd like to have your own 3D Printed business card holder you can download it on Thingverse and either print it yourself or have someone with a 3D printer make one for you.

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