Friday, December 27, 2013

HIPS Experiment #2

Time to do another HIPS experiment, this time with turpentine. Result: I let myself get a bit wordy in the video so it ran a bit long, but Turpentine does seem to dissolve HIPS. I didn't let it dissolve as long as the last experiment so it didn't dissolve completely, but it does seem to do the job. However the turpentine gets even more cloudy than d-Limoline did. Still, turpentine is more available and cheaper that d-Limoline, so it may be a suitable replacement for small support jobs. Just be sure to use it in a well ventilated area, unless you like the smell of a sick pine tree.

After making this video I fully dissolved the print and... it fell apart. I mean I know it's a delicate thing being a skeleton like it is, and I might have been a little rough because I didn't have a good way to remove the print, but it seemed to me that the layers didn't melt together as well where the HIPS was covering it. So as fun as this was it maybe isn't a practical experiment.

You can download the "Gangsta is dead" model on Thingiverse.

Next time we'll do what HIPS is for, supporting a print that would be impossible otherwise. Stay tuned.

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  1. Hey Joe! Jon here from the ole' Bytejacker days. I happened to see some of what you've been up to via facebook and figured I'd drop you a line. I bought my wife a Makerbot for Christmas this year and we've been goofing around with it a lot. She's made a few cool things so far and I'm really interested in learning how to make them myself. She's a 3D animator too, so she works in Maya and has already been familiar with modeling. We should keep in contact more often, I miss ya bro!

    1. This is too cool. Use the contact form in the lower right of this page so I can get your e-mail address and you can send me up some pictures. I'd love to see what she's modeling.


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