Thursday, December 26, 2013

3D printing toys

'Tis the season. For toys. Hopefully you got some great toys. I took some time this season to try out 3D printing some toys. Of course 3D printers are capable of useful things and that should be stressed. But fun is fun and fun is good.

I made 3DKitbash's launcher and found it... won't be replacing real toys. It works and the 3D printed springs on the side excite me, but 2 uses and it's showing signs of stress and plastic fatigue. I give it a week.

The folding cube that I made was considerably more successful... for what it was. Fold it one way, it's a cube, unfold it and fold it back up and it's... a slightly different cube. A bit tough to assemble. But a good stress toy.

What toy would you like to 3D print?

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