Wednesday, December 18, 2013

3D Printed gun stock

I'll just come out and say it. I have no problem with 3D printed guns. There are laws, be aware of them, follow them. But besides that it's just another way for hobbiest to make guns. Very ineffective guns, by the way. But it's not about efficiency, it's about he craftsmanship and having fun. And one day I will probably print one.
This is not a gun. This is the stock for a gun modeled after some anime. I don't know. My brother knows and this is what he wanted for Christmas. Took the better part of 2 weeks and several jams to get it right. First of all, I have to print it in PLA because of layer cracking (yes, I tried ABS, and regretted the decision). The individual parts were pushing the Z-axis height for my build platform. I should have put a banana or something in the picture for scale, but trust me, this thing is pretty big. And in the end there was a crack in the layers of the last part because of a temporary jam, (visible if you embiggen the picture, it's on the right, there) so in the end I still couldn't get it right. I suspect that is the business end, so I may have to do this again, but we'll see. Hopefully I can get some pictures of it all assembled when he puts it together.

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