Saturday, June 2, 2018

Makerspace Challenge Video - Weighted Dice

Okay, so the web cam plugged into the USB port equals bad frame rate. I kinda knew this already, but sometimes you have to relearn the simple lessons.

I'm starting a Makerspace challenge, to give people reasons to come into the Makerspace and ideas for projects to work on. This is, of course, open to anyone who wants to participate, you don't have to come in, though you will need a dice tower.

Here are some suggestions of how to weigh a dice:
  • Make sure the corners of your dice are rounded
  • Make a dice with a void in it
  • Make a dice with a void and fill the void with something heavy
  • Make a 3D printed dice and use gradual infill in Cura to add more infill to the top that the bottom
  • Make opposite sides of the dice the same number (you might get away with it and double your chances)
  • Put a magnet in the dice and roll with a metal plate under the dice tower
Perhaps there are other ideas you can come up with?

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