Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Is $100 too cheap for a 3D printer? Startt review and young maker Interview video

Originally I wanted this one to be in March MadMess, but alas, filming at the makerspace proved too much of a challenge at the time, something I feel justified about considering the mess that this interview turned out to be.

I can only hope that I managed to make something half watchable from this cluster of footage. I recorded this before Makerfair on my Cannon Powershot, the camera of which isn't awesome. So to clean it up I recorded some alternative footage of me interviewing them, that I can cut between. I basically listened to the interview, nodded like I was listening, and when I spoke in the video, I spoke into the mic. Then in editing I switched between them with fades so that the jump from dirty audio to clean audio was less obvious. It was honestly way more effort than I should have put into this video.

I'm running the numbers in my head, it's the sort of thing that I hate doing, because I don't want my work to be dictated by... well, as a previous presidential candidate said, dictated by facts. But in this case it's because I really would rather be teaching people stuff, regardless of how it's received. Once I start deciding I need more views, so I'm going to do more of what gets views, my videos will end up being the same as everyone else. But this video has me flumixed. Bad audio usually limits the success, but I've tried to compensate. Interviews are not usually well viewed at all, but reviews are, so what happens when we combine the two? Maybe the only thing to be truly concerned about is the audio, and if you'd like to insure that this never happens again:
There's some great pictures of the dinos that I want to share with you, but to see them, you'll have to join the mailing list.

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