Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Gualala Gadget Marble Machines

Go to http://gualalagadget.com/about.html, click "Print a 3D model", and print out their marble maze. Scale it up 2x and use glass marbles if you have to. You will not be disappointed.

The marble machines that I saw Gualala Gadget showing off at BAMF2018 were amazing. They had the Sisyphus, which used hidden magnets to make the marble seemingly impossibly climb the ramp, then a stop at the top so it would slip down to the bottom, where it would get caught again by the magnets. They had one where a screw gear up the middle drove balls to ramps in all directions, and then they had one where the screw gear was stationary and the maze rotated around it. It blew me away.I really hope to develop a relationship with these people and help bring you more and cooler mazes in the future, because I love the work they're doing.

In making the large screw, I took it to the Makerspace to print on the RaiseN2+. Unfortunately when coming home I left it in the car, in the sun, while I ran some errands, and it got a bit warped. I ended up having to warm it over the stove so I could straighten it back out enough to use, while, hopefully, not ruining it. You can see in the video a little bit of wiggle that was introduced because of this, but I managed to get it to work.

Oh, and low poly dinos are still a thing. I need to get that more hyped. But these marble mazes are just so distracting.

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