Thursday, June 7, 2018

3D Printing Dinosaurs on a 3D Printing Dinosaur Time Lapse

Sorry, I know I used that title for yesterday's mailing list email, but I just think it's so clever that I'm going to use it, like, forever.

Calvin posted a time lapse of the low poly dino he printed on his Makerbot Thingomatic, and I just had to share it. I know time-lapses are passe, but I love seeing this printer print. It moves the bed in the X and Y, and the head alone moves in the Z. Like, what were we thinking back then to think it was a good idea to wiggle the print around like that so we can hold the head still. I mean, I get that the extruder was heavy, and we hadn't figured out bowden systems yet, but honestly, just deciding to move the head and keeping the bed mostly stationary was a boon to 3D printing quality. Still, the dinos came out fantastic, and that's because they were designed to work on the lowest of common denominators while still looking great.

Check out Calvin's video and give his channel some love. He's a very excited 3D printing and film making enthusiast.

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