Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Thinking about 3D Printing Food while unboxing the M3D Video

Yes, I have a grotesque thing on my lip. It'll be gone by this weekend.

I am honestly amused by the idea of an astronaut getting so tired of Taco Bell that they decide to step out and see if they can find an In 'n Out. In space. Between planets. Because there'd be nothing to step out too, is what I'm saying. They'd be so tired of Taco Bell that they'd open the door and step out and end the mission, all over a lack of variety in their diet. I mean, I don't even have to go to the fart joke to be amused by the idea of Taco Bell being the only thing to eat on a long haul space flight. Of course, if you have to, there is the fart joke as well. Because Taco Bell will make you fart. There you go.

I will, of course, have more to say about the M3D as I continue to work with it, but lemme sum up my thoughts right now by saying that, compared to the Monprice Select mini, the MP Select is cheaper, bigger, heated bed, solid metal, and doesn't need to be in the same room as your computer. On the other hand, the M3D has very low power consumption, is calibrated well, and M3D provides a number of upgrades that can make this a formidable 3D printer. The base unit that I have is nothing exciting, but I'm excited about where this printer can go, especially with an Octoprint with Wavefront Touch Screen and battery pack added to it.

My biggest gripe right now is with their ABS-r filament. When someone tells you they've got ABS-r filament, what do you think it is? I thought it was ABS with a little something extra. Ho ho, no so! It is PETG with a little something extra. It's an ABS "R"eplacement. That's kinda misleading, in my opinion, but it does explain why it wouldn't smooth with acetone.

Their support was quick to point out that the under-print-bed feed system for their filament is considered legacy, because it was just a bad idea. Which leaves a nice space inside for storing, I don't know, cookies? Or maybe the spare nozzle they sent. That probably a better idea than cookies. But, they don't ship with an external feed solution. If I were them, I'd bundle a 3D model, like a recommended first print, that was that feed solution and encourage people away from the internal feed system as fast as possible. That's what I printed, though it took me 2 tries, because printing over USB is never a good idea, but was my only option until I reset the machine and upgraded the firmware.

Which brings up another suggestion. The first time the slicer runs, it should say "Is this a new printer? Hold on while I update and calibrate it, this may take a while." Honestly, people are used to day 1 updates that this wouldn't feel any different. In fact it might even feel cutting edge.

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