Monday, May 21, 2018

The age of the Low Poly Dinos is soon!

It's time to start the hype! The Low Poly Dino Kickstarter is coming soon. Kid friendly, whimsical, low-poly dinosaur models for your 3D printer. Designed to print without supports and print with low or no infill. Perfect as a test print or just for fun with gentle angles to minimize sharp edges so they're suitable for all ages.

How many 3D models will be included in this kickstarter? The success of this campaign will determine how many dinosaurs will be modeled. The more it raises, the larger the rewards will be. For your support you will not only receive the 3D dinosaur models developed in this campaign, but you will have a vote in what the next dinosaur will be as the campaign progresses.

My YouTube channel is in need of a major infusion to stay up-to-date, which is what this kickstarter is raising funds for. Funds raised in this campaign will go towards:

  • Upgraded AV equipment
  • Better lighting in current recording area
  • Upgrade to current recording area
  • Rebuilding recording area into a high tech mini recording studio
  • Taking it off the grid with solar power
  • Aperture panels for instant reconfiguration

To what degree these upgrades will be acted upon will depend on what this campaign raises. So whether you just like awesome 3D models or want to support what I do on YouTube, your contribution to this kickstarter will be greatly appreciated.

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