Thursday, May 24, 2018

More Cool People at Bay Area Maker Faire 2018 video

I kind of stumbled upon the 3 questions I used for these interviews, but upon reflection, I think they're pretty good questions. One makes you think about the past, one makes you think about the future, and one makes you laugh and sets up something to chain them all together. Seriously, though, a lot of people laughed at that question. They were expecting something different, I think.

I know a lot of people interviewing these people probably expected me to give them more time to plug their projects, and I get that. Maybe that's what the audience wants to see, too. But for me it was more about the people. I hope I didn't disappoint anyone by focusing on them instead of their booths But you know me, I gotta be me.

In this video I interview:

There's more coming from Maker Fair, but that will be next week, as the next part is a little bit of how to, and a lot of "SO COOL!" Seriously, I said that so many times in the next video. Something to look forward to.

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