Thursday, May 3, 2018

Makerspace Tinkercad Tutorial Video 1 and Mini HDMI screen tech test

Alright, I know the audio on this video isn't great. I forgot my mic today and I didn't want that to stop recording, so I thought I'd test out how the mic on the web cam did. And now I know.

The point of this recording wasn't the recording however. It was a tech test for using a Waveshare 5" touchscreen HDMI monitor as a kind of mini OBS station on my windows machine at work or if I'm ever portable with the laptop. The result was actually pretty successful. OBS is a little crammed on the 800x480 screen, but it's functional. And for the price there is literally no reason not to have one of these and toss it in your laptop bag.

I got these screens to test on a RetroPie project that I will be reporting on later, and they work for that too. Over all, I am going to pimp the heck out of these and the 7" version of these screens because they are amazing. These screens are going to be showing up in a ton of future projects.

I am currently hard at work at a secret project, which people following me on Patreon may already know about, so I may be a bit short on videos. Which sucks because I have videos piling up. But I gotta do what I gotta do. Things in my personal life have just gotten complicated as well, but rest assured I will not be sleeping much until I give you all the quality content you deserve. Because you're worth it.

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