Monday, May 28, 2018

Makerspace Project - Laser Cut Puzzle Project Video

I am loving laser cutting. It easy. It's fast. And it can produce some amazing results. Including some wonderful, personalized gifts.

This video differs from the last I did for the Makerspace in two ways. First, I got my lav mic this time so the sound is much easier to listen to. Second, I tried out the 7" Waveshare touch screen as a second screen/OBS input device. I like that the increased resolution made the screen less squishy than last time. I don't like that the "Type C" that I'm using apparently means capacitance and will therefore not work with a stylus. Looking at the "type B" I don't see a stylus either, so who knows what that meas. Also, neither the type C or type B seems to have the Plexiglas frame that the 5" Waveshare screens come with. But because I hope that that's just inaccurate marketing pictures and I'd like to try out a Type B so I can know if I can recommend them whole heatedly.

Without a Plexiglas frame I had to slap something together from the box it came in and some spare parts I had. The final result is that I have a box to carry my mic and equipment in, and a 2nd screen for when I'm traveling. I actually kinda like this, even though it's terribly Jerry Rigged. Would recommend.

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