Friday, April 27, 2018

Raspberry Pi Keyboard Shoot out and Make it and Fake it Shout out Video

If you want to do your own retropie project before get to the video for mine, I recommend the links on Clarissa's video so she gets a little something, because she deserves it:

Also, subscribe to Make It and Fake It and ring her bell.

The raw footage for this video was released to my Patreons on Tuesday after I recorded it. This was one of those recording sessions where almost all the footage was contained in one take. Of course it took me two takes to pull that off, but this process happens more often than not. I kind of prefer it this way. For one, it makes editing quick. For another, it makes shooting quick. The down side is this requires a little more pre-planning, but I generally do that pre-planning in my head, even though I know it'd be better if I wrote something down. I plan to work on that in the future. Not full scripts, but outlines where I can see them in recording.

If you'd like to check out the raw footage yourself, you can see that here:

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