Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Hot End Shout Out Video

Yesterday, I started the process of editing the videos I had previously recorded. I had a video from before March about Cura's new dynamic layer settings with a side not about using Cura with the Neva. That one didn't have the punch I wanted and it had some audio problems. So I threw it out and started editing the video I recorded for the Hot End, and that one suffered from bad audio and too many side topics, so I threw it out. Then I sat down banged this video out in a few hours. Technically that makes this video take 2, which is always better.

Prompted by a video that you can't currently watch, I now want to do a lot more shout outs. This one was obligatory, though I hope it doesn't sound like that. It's not that I don't want to send viewers to John and Anthony. I guess I just expect that the overlap of our audiences in a vin diagram would basically be a circle.

To save myself time in the future, here's a list of channels I want to do shout out's for in the future, in no particular order:
Granddad is an Old Man
Make it and Fake it
Improper Engineering
Print Geek 3D
Miaka's Creations
Sugar Charm Shop
Odin Makes
How I do it
Making Down Unda

I may have to combine some of these or I'll never get to them. I'm thinking a "Come back to us" segment for channels that haven't updated in a year or so.

Are there any channels that you think the world needs to know about?

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