Thursday, April 5, 2018

Creality CR-10S and GPL Violations

Quickly shot, minimally edited, definitely rambley and long. I hope it doesn't entirely suck.

I know that a lot of people feel very strongly about this. Thing is, I also feel like people are making hasty decisions that they'll regret. And while I originally wanted to just let it blow over, some comments on my videos kinda got me thinking.

The comments that started the ball rolling on this response were as follows. First on my Hot End Shout Out Video Pinkpink Blueblue said:
And then on my March MadMess Review gfodale laid it down with:
This was going to be my plan. Make a video, explain that we can't win this fight and that there was no point to it, so stop worrying about it and go make cool stuff. And the "go make cool stuff" bit I forgot to say in the video, but I still feel that way. If this whole thing is getting in the way of you making cool stuff, then drop it, it's not worth it.

But then I discovered that Creality released a response video and my jaw hit the floor.
The rest is me unboxing a CR-10S. I think I've said enough about how this video affected me already.

Now that the CR-10S is out of the box, I should start voting for next month, but I think I have a surprise for you guys coming soon. Spoilers follow: I've been working on the TEVO Tornado, so I may do a head-to-head video in a few weeks. So far the CR-10S is setup and printing in under an hour. So far the TEVO has had a ton of work done on it and it's produced one crappy print that broke on the print bed. So far, my opinion hasn't been swayed much.

Though I will say, TEVO fixed the problem with the CR-10 driving it's filament too close to the Z-screw. So it's got that going for it.

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