Monday, March 12, 2018

TronXY X5S Review - March MadMess

Technically, this is a Monday upload. I'm going for 3 this week.

Special thanks to my friends at MeltInk who supplemented this printer gift with a roll of cyan PLA. I hope you'll check them out.

In the book "Makers" by Chris Anderson, it's proposed that making is a uniquely human experience. No other animal on the Earth will make a tool, and then keep it and use it again and again. And it's an experience that we are increasingly being separated from as our devices become more complex and disposable. So in a way, the maker movement is about reconnecting with our humanity. Therefore there is nothing more true to the maker movement than building your own 3D printer from scratch, or if not from scratch, from a kit, and using it to make things.

I don't know how much I buy into this. But it sounds good. What do you think? Can you ever truly be a maker if you don't build your own 3D printer?

I've had people complain about the audio in my videos recently, but when I ask for clarification, I get nothing back. Well, this video will certainly give them something to complain about.

The battery on my phone decided it was done with this whole taking-a-charge thing. I've ordered a replacement, but it won't be here till the 20th. There are some who say that experiences, like going without their phone, is the best thing that could happen to them. I do not think that will be me. Already I'm behind on e-mail and twitter. To all my friends wondering why it takes me 24 hours or more to respond, I will return, this I swear.

My friends at GearBest want to make sure I get these links out to you. I've added Amazon and AliExpress links for the rest of you:
Gearbest is also having a huge event for it's 4th Anniversary. Check it out:

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