Thursday, March 22, 2018

Makerpsace Soldering Safety Video


Today's work project is a video for the soldering station. Shot,edited, and uploaded this very day. And I like when that happens.

But, do you see how the focus is off, or rather the focus is on the wrong thing? This is what happens when you're the camera man, editor, and talent all in one.When I check the framing on my recording rig, it looked fine for the size and distance that I was looking at. So I went and shot a great take, tore down the recording rig, set it up for editing, and only then did I notice the focus problem.

I wonder how I could find some assistance.

With this video done I've got one more safety video to do, then I'm going to do some videos to introduce people to making designs for the 3D printer and laser cutter. And then, who knows. If you have any suggestions for videos that would be perfect for the makerspace, let me know.

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