Friday, February 23, 2018

How to make $1000 a month with 3D printing video

The iceberg image was created by Sylvia Duckworth. You can buy your own to hang on the wall at her shop:

To say that this video was difficult to produce would be an understatement. And not just because the content is uncomfortable. My first good recording of it, I didn't use my mic, so I lost all the audio and had to do it again. So I decided the second time to do a different process. For the video I used my Cannon Powershot, which produces better images, but with a much higher file size and requires extra editing. For the audio I recorded it on my phone through the mic, which meant I had to clean it up afterwards because this recorder doesn't cancel out ambient noise. In addition to syncing the video I corrected the color in post as well to give this one the best quality I could. I hope someone notices, because this is exactly why I got the laptop I did, so I could avoid having to do this every time. But if the audio and video is noticed as better, then I guess I may have to make this the status quo. The very beginning of this video (and the stinger at the end) was recorded in the old style, which makes for a disjointed video, I realize. But let me know if you can notice the difference.

Buy, yes, the topic was also uncomfortable. Bearing a soul like this, peeling back the curtain as it were, is something I value in others, but hate to do myself. I hope this is valuable to someone.

The Makerspace is having a definite effect on my video schedule. After I almost commuted to a video every Wednesday, I'm having a really hard time fulfilling that. Also, behind the scenes I'm learning laser cutting, testing new 3D printers, including a DLP printer, as well as getting back into the davinci color, and having a great time trying to get enough content to record a video or two. Things are hampered somewhat by inclement weather, but I will definitely be making videos on all these things. It feels like they're all happening at once, and in some ways they are. I hope I can get them through the pipeline to the video content in a timely manner.

Show notes:
Making $1000 with 3D printing

  1. Get desperate
    1. Not going to be the fun one
    2. Ice berg
    3. Steve Harvey - Have to jump
      1. Nope, just a long, slow crash for me
    4. Coasting along
    5. Software Development
    6. Lost ability to compete in software
    7. Switched back to education
    8. Moved my family for new job
    9. Commuted on the weekend for 8 months before our house sold
    10. Finally moved our family
    11. 3 months after that, I was let go
    12. New baby
      1. Nice to have the time
    13. No confidence left in anything but 3D printing
    14. Not paying the bills
    15. Unemployment carried for a lot less time than anticipated
    16. Went on welfare and church support
    17. Humiliating
    18. Humbling
  2. Persistence, grit, determination, if at first you don’t succeed, etc
    1. Basically the habit step, but after getting desperate
    2. Met great people
    3. Gearbest
    4. Local resources
    5. Kept making videos and doing 3D printing
    6. Kept throwing things at the wall to see what sticks
    7. Improved YouTube videos
      1. More subs, more views
    8. Patreon
    9. Curriculum writing
    10. Book writing
    11. Selling 3D printer
    12. Kickstarter
    13. Local Makerspaces
    14. Business classes
  3. Your first 1000 customers
    1. Brings us up to present time
    2. Gotta keep turning the crank
    3. No regular cash flow yet
    4. Working on it.

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