Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Gearbest Doesn't Suck video

For the record, everything about this thumbnail makes me uncomfortable.

I posted this a day early because, while I'm showing Gearbest some love, I didn't think this was the right video for a Valentines day upload. But come back here tomorrow.

This is a video I wanted to get out before doing any videos that promote items sent to me by Gearbest. It occurs to me, after making this video, that maybe I'm picking a fight that doesn't need to be fought. I put a lot of effort into this video, changing locations 3 times to keep it moving and interesting, and maybe Gearbest doesn't need my defense. Chances are you've already made up your mind, and that's fine. You don't mind them, then fine. You don't like them, there's very little I can say that would change that.

I guess this is for those on the fence, or those who have never purchased items overseas, whether it be from Gearbest, Ali Express, or Deal Extreme. Let this be a warning about the fact that you're not going to get the Amazon experience with them. But maybe if you go in, eyes open, you won't be surprised and you may be a little more forgiving.

I will admit, international shipping can have it's gotchas. I've never had to deal with UK customs demanding additional fees for incoming orders, but I have had to deal with internationally shipped Etsy orders disappearing and having to produce a replacement and ship it at my expense. I've also had to deal with 10 orders going through just fine, and one being shipped back for no good reason. So I sympathize with companies having to deal with countries with inconsistent shipping experiences. However, just like Harbor Freight trying to do better than the past, I'm sure Gearbest is trying to improve their customer experience. Because low prices will get you into business, but if you way to stay in business, you gotta up your game.

I did fail to mention that while I try to capture a positive experience in my videos, I also don't hide the negative. Go back and watch any of my reviews. I always bring up the down side that I experiences. I'm can't turn a blind eye to bad experiences. And sometimes, as I said in the video, I may have experiences after the review with the printer, and when I can I will return to share more information.

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