Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Full Color in Tinkercad Video

I could take this opportunity to talk about a lot of different things. I could talk about the on-screen keys utility that I'm using, and I do want to know if anyone noticed that and if it helped. I could talk about my relationship with XYZ Printing where, in exchange for a Davinci color I am contractually obligated me to make these models, and how I feel about that (not bad, actually). Or I could talk about problems I'm having with the Davinci color at the moment now that I've finally got some more ink (and what a fiasco that was). I could talk about how their web site is almost completely inadequate to the task of hosting 3D files. I could talk about how their software isn't getting better like they promised. And I'm sure that these things will be talked about at some point. I'd love to point out how I chose different ending music and how there's a blooper at the end of this video that I think is pretty funny. And I guess I just did, for those last two.

But right now, I want to deep dive into the BotBlitz robots that this video gave me the excuse to release to you.

First complete prototype in single color FFF
The 3D models in this video are a part of one of my long term projects, and I'm excited that I have a reason to release some of them to you. This set of pawns will be employed in multiple adaptations of classic board games that you probably haven't heard of, that will be woven into a sort of lore. The world of BotBlitz is basically this:
BotBliz robots live together on a ship in space. Each one has a unique simulated personality and a job to do. But they dream of one day escaping to a new and untamed world where they can play all day.
There's a bit of a perspective shift difference in the world of BotBlitz that I kind of enjoy. To the alien (traditional, big eyes, bulgy brain head) who bought and installed these robots to operate the mundane operations of his flying saucer, these robots are his property. However, as the components that make them are so advanced, they have AI with personalities, and so to them their "owner" is an oppressive overlord who wants to yoke them down, when all they want is to frolic. This is, of course, a bug that will be patched in the next software update, but this alien is terrible at his maintenance schedule, and isn't that what he bought the robots for in the first place?

The designs of the robots were largely homages to classic robots from TV and movies that I loved. I made very little attempts at subtly on this point. They were also designed to print on their heads to remove the need for support, and so that they can be flipped over when their tagged out, for purposes of the game they were developed for. It sometimes took a lot of creativity to get the designs right, and there were other robots who didn't make the cut, yet.
  • Cymon. Color: White. Inspiration: Joe Larson original. Bio: The Cymon series robots are the maintenance for your maintenance bots. They will handle keeping your other robots up to date with the latest software patches. This Cymon, however, is neglect in it's duties when a patch came in that threatened to erase the personalities of it's friends. It instead considers itself the teacher of the group, always learning new things and passing along what its learned to the rest. It has filled its data banks with all kinds of information about worlds beyond the walls of the ship the BotBlitz robots serve on, and longs for the day to experience these things first hand. Kind, compassionate, and always willing to listen, Cymon has also become a dreamer, and passes it's dreams and hope to the others.
  • Vic. Color: Red. Inspiration: V.I.N.CENT from the Black Hole. Bio: Vic is a hovering multi-purpose bot designed to get into small spaces with tools to fix any problem. He also has a strong sense of adventure and a level head. He never runs from danger, and is rarely in a situation he can't handle. He's always the second (after Kittitron forms) to put himself between his friends and danger. Quote: "I can handle anything"
  • Twiggy and Theo. Color: Yellow. Inspiration: Twiki and Dr. Theopolis from Buck Rodgers. Bio: Theo is a vast, intellectual, problem solving, platter shaped robot that can not move on it's own. Theo also loves telling jokes. Twiggy is Theo's ambulatory unit and interpreter, as Theo speaks a compressed computer language that cannot be parsed by the others. Twiggy usually doesn't get the jokes making him the perfect straight man. Quote: "Biddi-biddi-biddi, I don't get it."
  • Robbie. Color: Green. Inspiration: Robbie the Robot with a little Robot from Lost in Space thrown in. Bio: Robbie scares easily. His official job is a fabricator. He's equipped to build anything in his fusion recombinator core, which makes him the most valuable member of the family. Maybe that's why whenever there's trouble, Robbie can be found running in the other direction. Quote: "DANGER, DANGER, DANGER!"
  • Marvin. Color: Cyan. Inspiration: Marvin the Paranoid Android. Bio: To others, Marvin may seem depressed or paranoid. He's got the biggest brain of the entire BotBlitz family, so he's capable of calculating to a million decimal points every possible outcome of an event and weighing them against each other. Then, he considers what will happen if he tells everyone what's to lose, then he considers what will happen if he doesn't, then he considers what will happen if he's the last bot of the family who hasn't gone to rust. Quote: "Here I am, brain, bigger than this room, an you want me to open a door for you?
  • Kittitron. Color: Pink, multicolor if you can. Inspiration: Voltron and Hello Kitty. Bio: Kittitron is actually 5 separate kitty robots that usually spend their time in what looks like lounging or resting, but what is actually advanced surveillance and charging their power cells. When danger threatens, they combine to form Kittitron, defender of the BotBlitz family. Quote: "Meow form the head."
  • Funny Ed. Color: Purple. Inspiration: ED-209 from Robotcop. Bio: Funny Ed always wants to chase and tickle everyone he sees. He also loves surprises and always has a smile on his face going as he peeks around every corner. He may be the shortest in the family, but he doesn't let that get him down. When he's not using his ticklers to make others laugh, he uses them to deftly untangle wire messes. Quote: "Please prepare to be tickled. You have 20 seconds to run."
I've definitely put a lot more thought and effort into these robots than I should have. But, I'm always open to more. What other classic robots could I add that would fit with this group?

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