Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Color modeling for 3D printing in Blender Part 1 video

Click for video:
Download the colored Suzanne model here:

Adding color to your 3D models in Blender is so simple. Can Fusion 360 do this? No seriously, I'm asking because I don't know.

Notice the key capture in the corner? Do you like it? Does it help?

My Davinci color continues to impress and frustrate me. When it's working good, it's amazing. When it'd not, it's infuriating. And it seems to oscillate between the two with startling frequency. I've been running a job for a company who wants to test the viability of a Davinci color for their "Scan yourself into a mini" companies, a market I think DaVinci needs to be more focused on.
First, I ran out of ink. Then I got their $280 ink refill. We'll see how long that lasts. Then, when I fired up and calibrated the DaVinci Color, the XYZMaker slicer told me it had an update. So naturally I updated the slicer and suddenly it was like I was back at square one with my prints. Too black, having to do color correction, unable to get it right. So I put together a case to state my frustration on the forums, and when I got to the forums I saw a post that there was also an update to the DaVinci Color's firmware. It appears the color correction got shuffled to the firmware, where it should be in my opinion. However, XYZPrinting didn't do a very good job of announcing that to their customers.
Some unusually cold weather has hit Southern Utah, further disrupting printing. Because despite having considerably more casing than it needs, the DaVinci Color lacks any sort of environmental control. Not even a heated build plate. I wonder what the minimum heater and thermostat that I could put in this thing?
But then, when I finally get everything calibrated, it's like the heavens part, a single ray of sunshine comes down, and absolute beauty is beheld. This is a truly revolutionary machine.

The plan right now, as far as teaching how to model color, is to do another video about Booleaning objects with multiple materials, a trick I only just learned how to do, then a quick detour to Vectary's multi-color process, then a video about proper texturing with an image and everything. Then I want to do a video about printing with non-sanctioned PLA filament on the Davinci Color, which I think is possible despite not having tried it yet. So we'll see how that goes.

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