Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Sinterit Lisa Print Review Video

It's difficult to make an honest assessment of a printer, based on the prints alone. Especially a carefully curated group of prints. There's a lot of questions that the prints alone don't answer. Like:
  • How easy is their software to setup and use?
  • How much space does the printer require (including accessories)?
  • What settings had to be adjusted to get those immaculately accurate moving parts?
  • Is the manual written in a language that I can read?
  • Is their tech support in my time zone?
  • Is it, in the end, going to be worth it?
The way I see it, even if this is the easiest technology to use in the world, I don't kn ow if I can recommended it in the general case, if only because of the cost, texture, and monochromatic nature of the prints. However, I think that it does has utility beyond what FFF 3D printing can do. I feel the same way about photopolymerization, laser cutting, and CNC milling. I still suspect FFF 3D printing wins out for price and functionality, and it's exciting seeing the technologies filling in the gaps that FFF isn't good for, finally becoming more accessible.

I'm a little worried that my update schedule is going to slow down as I am currently in the grips of some microbe with a vendetta against my... uh... I'm sick. Kinda ran out of steam there, didn't I. That's kinda my modus operandi at the moment. Which could make for a hilarious video if I could get up the gumption to record one. Hopefully this thing will pass soon, because I've only got two more videos I'm ready to release at the moment. Prayers if you got 'em.

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