Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Jimmy's Tevo build

When Jimmy Shaw came to visit I bequeathed him my Tevo Tarantula. I just don't have time to build printers like I used to, and Jimmy was sure he'd be able to. And he has. You can watch his two part live build below, and of course, subscribe to his channel.

It looks like it took a good 5 hours to get it put together, but so far he says he's having great prints from it. Which I'm glad for him. My experience with Tevo so far has been less than recommendable. This isn't too uncommon. One manufacturer producing two machines that have significantly different specs and build methodologies that one is good and the other sucks. With the tornado I think I got the one that isn't as impressive. but maybe it was just me having a bad first experience. Either way, I probably won't be making a review video of the Tornado.

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