Wednesday, December 13, 2017

3D penning on the top of a mountain video

Is being able to 3D pen without boundaries going to change your life? Maybe not. Is plastic bombing going to be as big as yarn bombing? If so, don't blame me. But this definitely proves the concept, if it doesn't actually deliver on the promise in the title.

I don't have a steady cam gimbals, so the video may be a bit shaky. I don't have a crew, so if you see me walking away or driving towards the camera, that was only accomplished by me treading that path twice. Once to setup and start the camera, and again to for the show. So when I got to the top and forgot a necessary adapter, well, you can imagine I didn't want to waste that footage. But I also didn't want to trek back up the mountain again. So I found a field nearer to ground level that was close enough that it wouldn't distract from the narrative until the confession at the end. Not that I tried to hide the fact that I wasn't even wearing the same clothes. It's about the story being told in the video, but not about lying to people.

The Dikale 3D pen is an improvement over the Tipeye pen that I reviewed in the past, and not just because they shaped it like a cat. It took me a little while to get how the controls worked, but once I did, it was super easy to use. A single press starts the forward flow for loading or extruding. Another press of the forward button stops with a little retraction. Pressing and holding the retraction button starts the unloading process which automatically withdraws the filament, and then stops when it's moved enough to get it out.

So now I've got this lava rock with an amateur attempt at a Christmas village scene on it. But it's a lava rock from the top of a Mountian, so that's something. No idea what I'm going to do with it.

You can get your own pen and battery pack with these affiliate links and give a little back to what I do. Makes a great Christmas gift.

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